Free Background Checks
for Politicians

"I encourage all candidates to participate in this. It makes a clear statement that you have nothing to hide!!!!!"

      Joey Taylor (D), candidate for Kentucky State House


 "There's a lot of misinformation and always the rumors that are fiction, but, once told enough become true. Having an independent third party verify what is real and truthful is a giant step to having the public's faith restored in individuals running for public office. I believe that ALL individuals running for any public office should be vetted by a third party. Candidate Verification will be a great benefit to any candidate's race to show the public that they have nothing to hide. I applaud the service and encourage members of the public to insist that anyone they know running for office to participate in using this service. Thank You, Candidate Verification."

      Mike Clampitt (R): candidate for North Carolina State House 




96 Percent

According to a recent poll by the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM).